Gorsuch Pro-Gay News Too Good to be True

NBC news is reporting Gorsuch supported gays while at Columbia. But if you pull up the actual Columbia newspaper article it’s a pro-con debate between Gorsuch and another student, Jason Myer.
It’s clear that there was a publishing error where you turn the page and the names are switched on the second page. The pro-gay quote is actually written by Myers and Gorsuch is actually arguing against it.
Here’s the bit attributed to Gorsuch, unfortunately it’s not true:

Finally, we come to the latest chapter in the university-in-society debate: military recruiters. It is an accepted fact that all four branches of the U.S. military discriminate against men and women based on their sexual preferences. This kind of discrimination just doesn’t fit in with Freedom of Opportunity and Democracy. Plain and simple. Unless it’s prepared to hire applicants regardless of race, sex, class, religion, or sexual preference, the military should be denied the use of Columbia facilities to recruit.

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