Please not William Pryor! His blatant hatred of gays has no place on the Supreme Court.

The last post was critical of those who claimed John Gore, Trump’s pick to head civil rights at the Justice Department, was anti-gay.  It seemed unfair to taint him with North Carolina’s H.B.2 because he (and others at his firm) represent the University of North Carolina.

But you know who hates gays?  William Pryor.  No other way to say it, this guy thinks gays should be treated unequally to straights.  No real gay rights heroes among President Trump’s picks (unless I’m missing something), but Pryor seems to be the worst of the bunch.  Someone with a pettiness and meanness that makes him a small-minded bigot.  So please, not William Pryor on the Supreme Court.  I just can’t imagine someone who’s business-oriented or cosmopolitan would pick this guy.

Slate’s got a leftward bias but this story about Pryor is pretty accurate.


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