What’s with John Gore, Trump’s nominee for civil rights?

So news media is reporting that John Gore will be the Deputy Assistant Attorney General in charge of civil rights. Slate and The Advocate are reporting that he was one of the attorneys defending North Carolina’s infamous anti-gay H.B.2.

So is this important? Maybe. It’s hard to know if a lawyer believes what he’s saying or if he’s just… lawyering. So looking deeper, Equality Case Files has all the filings in the H.B.2 case for free online. Looking at the pleadings there’s nothing here to make it look like John Gore was doing more than lawyering.

The only document I can find with Gore’s name on it is the “stipulation of dismissal” where he has signed next to the University of North Carolina dropping the University from the appeal. (That’s a good thing, Gore signed it in a filing by gay lawyer superhero Paul Smith.) John Gore is definitely not on the brief of North Carolina seeing to uphold the law, despite a horde of other lawyers and firm. And I don’t see him listed on any of the other filings either.

Is Gore against gay rights? I don’t think the pleadings in the H.B.2 appeal support the media reports that he is anti-gay by association. Nope, it appears that he’s one of the lawyers for the University of North Carolina and his job was basically getting them out of the case.

Would love for someone with actual knowledge to comment.

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