The President of All Americans

Wow, Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States.  So many said it would never happen.  But it did.  And so congratulations Mr. Trump, you’re the President of all Americans.  And that means you’re the President of everyone in my community – the gay community too.

Talking with my gay friends, we don’t know what to expect.  You’re a New Yorker, you’re cosmopolitan, you hardly seem like a Bible-thumper.  You’re someone who’s gone to gay weddings, held up a pride flag at a rally, and made progressive comments about bathroom-choice.  Your children seem especially progressive.  And you’ve spoken out against religious attacks on our community – at least when that religion is Islam.

On the other hand, your Vice President is Mike Pence, well known for support of an anti-gay bill when he was governor.  And many of those you are considering for Supreme Court seem hostile to fundamental rights like marriage.

So we really don’t know what to expect.  And I think that’s about right.  So we will see what happens next.  But you are our President, and that means we are your people too.

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