Insurance for Everybody

The Republicans in Congress inexplicably cannot tell us how they will replace Obamacare.  You hear it over and over, repeal and replace.  But when it comes to “replace” they have absolutely no clue.

But you do!  And you get it, “Insurance for Everybody.”  And do you know who needs insurance?  Gays.  Because we are having our own holocaust, a 30-plus year holocaust of HIV and AIDS that has killed hundreds of thousands of gay Americans.  The best statistics I could find are from AmFar that by 2004,  the U.S. had 940,000 cases of AIDS reported to date and 529,113 deaths.  And that’s 13 years ago, many more have been infected and died since.

Now with medicine, HIV is like diabetes.  You can live a normal healthy life as long as you take a pill a day.  It’s a chronic condition, it require a lifetime of treatment, but it’s not New York in the 80s and 90s where gay men were dying left and right.

And more importantly we know know effective treatment shops HIV from spreading to other people.  In fact studies are showing NO transmission of HIV when a patient is on effective treatment.  So it is extremely important to the gay community that (1) people have HIV medicine so they don’t die and (2) people have HIV medicine so they don’t spread it to others.  Obviously, stopping the spread of HIV has a tremendous benefit to our healthcare system as HIV treatment is expensive.

Speaking of stopping the spread of HIV, there is also medicine called Prep which has a nearly 100% effectiveness of stopping HIV.  It’s much more effective than condoms, especially because there’s never one when you need it/it breaks/people don’t like using them/etc.

So I hope you hold Congress to your promise of “Healthcare for Everybody.”  Because we really need it to stop this plague on our community.

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